32900 Detroit Road | Avon, Ohio 44011


The staff is always great about contacting me by phone with any concerns that come up.

The staff does a great job with activities for the patients – Halloween parade, thanksgiving dinner, Easter dinner, summer barbecue, afternoon activities and the traveling zoo or bands (it is really hard to get my mom out anymore) It is really appreciated to know she is not just sitting in her room all the time!

She loves winning prizes at bingo!


I was so happy when an aid brought sponge clothes to my mom’s room and set her hair. That extra care was so appreciated.

I love the pics that Darleen has sent me of my mom. It makes me feel like I’m part of a family at Avon Place. Very comforting!

I am thankful for Sarah, she plays with molly, my mom’s dog, and is very observant of the residents. I’m thankful for Cortney and Kim who have helped me het through stages of dementia and supported me in the loss of my husband. Plus Cortney loves molly!


Darlene and Sarah do an excellent job of keeping the residents busy and entertained. They are also great caregivers. Betsey is by far the best caregiver at the facility and all the nurses do a fantastic job.

The custodial staff are friendly, wonderful and kind to the residents and visitors as well as helpful.


I can say nothing but good about Avon Place. From the administrator to the STNA's, my wife was cared for really well. Great nursing, great, STNA's, and the physical therapist did a fantastic job. No one really wants to go into a nursing home but my wife, Sharon, said she would not go to any place but [Avon Place] after her stay. The room was very large and clean. The food here is very good. Most of all, the attitude of everyone was really good. Avon Place makes you feel like you're really cared for.


For the past month, I have been at Avon Place recovering from breathing problems due to neck surgery complications. The staff here have been top notch. As good as it could be. The care was as if family was taking care of me. Their concern of my issues was completely satisfactory. The nurses, aides, and therapists care and treatment was as good as anywhere. I will surely miss them when I get home and will find myself pushing a [call] button that isn't there anymore - always reminding me of how much I needed you guys. Thank you and God bless for taking good care of me. I will remember you all.


Ray was everything to me. I was nervous about leaving Ray as he could not tell me what he felt about the nursing home. The first night everyone that came in to take care of Ray was very attentive to me - I felt like I could go home. They let me take care of him while I was because I wanted to. They made sure I had everything I needed. The nurses and respiratory therapists and aides would talk to Ray when he sat by the nurses' desk. That meant a lot to me...Ray and I wanted Ray to come home. The staff helped me get everything in line. [They] told me who to call. The social worker set things up for us. I got him home two times for very short stays. The staff was very nice to let us try to let him go home. After the second time, we knew he could not go home anymore...We were sitting at the nurses' desk, he got up, grabbed his cane, and said, "Let's go home." And he went to his bedroom. I knew he was comfortable and accepted Avon Place as his home. Everyone there knew he did not want to be there and that tells the story of how the whole staff makes you feel at home.
The staff also talked to me when I was having a hard day. They helped me, Ray, and his brothers out when we were there.


The staff is trained well. The care was great. Everyone treated us like people, not just a number. When Sheila needs help, Avon Place will be the first place I will call.


My son Jeremy admitted to Avon Place January 24, 2017 on a vent. After experiencing respiratory failure. His time here has been a blessing. The staff at Avon place treat me and my son like family. I love everyone here. RT Brian, and all the RT's are experienced, he explains things well to me. When they see anything I need they all take action to help me. The STNA's are professional and great. I would recommend this facility to anybody.


Everyone is very pleasant and friendly. I liked all the nurses and aides. The therapists are very nice and effective. Altogether a good experience.


The staff really worked hard to understand my dad's needs and worked with him - most appreciated.
Also like that my dad could get dialysis at Avon Place!


My Mom was there for 13 1/2 years. She was incontinent & bed & w/c bound. She was always clean & dry. She NEVER had a bedsore. The staff was kind & loving ALWAYS!!> Not just to her but I watched how they treated some of the difficult residents & those without visitors. Nsg Homes have personalities & theirs is one of kindness. I have seen lots of nursing homes~~~this was far for me to travel to (& I was there daily for the first five years & then at least weekly. My brother & others visited often) People asked me why I didn't move her closer to home. None of the places close to me gave the kind of care they gave her. Further, they became her family (and ours).


Avon Place is a wonderful place to facilitate rehabilitation. Staff are all...kind, caring, willing to help in whatever is needed.

Environment is clean and comfortable. You are made two feel welcome and not isolated. The interest in your well being is evident in both patient care and emotional comfort.

It is highly recommended as a safe, knowledgeable, caring source facilitating rehabilitation. I am very grateful for the care and professionalism I experienced at Avon Place.


I made great progress in therapy. Nurses, aides and doctors were very good. If I ever have a family member or friend in need, I will advise them to come here for help. Everyone has good attitude and I have no complaints at all.


Everyone treated me real good. Therapy was a challenge but they pushed me to get back where I was and I can't complain about that. Food was very good. I would recommend anyone coming here.


I would like to thank you for your wonderful care. Good nurses, good doctors, and good therapy. Marsha and Scott (therapy department) are great people.


Avon Place was a good place to be. I didn't think I would like the place at first but once I got here I found out how the Nurse's and the help was so I would refer anyone to come here. A shout out to all the Nursing and Therapy people who did a well job getting me back together so I can get around.


I had a very good experience at Avon Place. When I first arrived I was unwilling to cooperate with the staff. They did not hold it against me. The staff worked with me to get me to my goals. Even the housekeeping staff made me feel comfortable when they cleaned my room. All in all, the time I spent at Avon Place was very positive and rewarding.


My husband has been in MULTIPLE rehabs and ALL have been a nightmare. I was very reluctant to do this again. Avon Place did a GREAT job with him. He is on dialysis and they did a GREAT job managing his weight, in fact they actually got a lot of excessive weight off. He looks 100% better. I am so happy with how he did there. The facility is clean, does not have that nursing home smell and the staff is wonderful. Thank you so much.


I will never forget the wonderful people who helped me.


Avon Place was very nice. Everyone was helpful and I loved it here. I would recommend everyone coming here. Dialysis was great and very convenient.

Donna H.

Being here at Avon Place was a wonderful experience for me. All the staff were very helpful, and the aides were very attentive regarding my personal needs. Everyone was caring, friendly, and I had no issues with anyone here. Everyone became my second family. I will miss everyone here at Avon Place. May God bless you all and thank you so much for the care.


All I can say is thank you for making me feel so welcome. I was treated by everyone so well, and all the nurses and aides were so friendly and always willing to be so helpful. The therapists were great, never pushing but let you do things at your own pace. Food was great - variety all the time, very yummy. I will miss all the attention I was given, but I feel I'm ready to go home. Again, thank you all, and God bless.

Beverly L.

My experience has been good, and I am so happy I get to have my own room. I got amazing therapies after my surgeries. I enjoy going around and talking to the residents. It's clean here and always smells nice. I hear a lot of people say the same. Staff is committed to always doing the right thing for you, and I get treated very well. I would refer to anyone looking.

Deb G.

I had a great experience. Dialysis staff were friendly, knew what they were doing and got it done. Therapy was great. Donna and Maria did a very good job and were very knowledgeable. Staff were very good to me. Cleaning ladies in the room were good. The best part of my experience was dialysis and the Starbucks machine.


Therapy Department is above 5 stars. Many thanks to Scott, Dana, Mary and Shanti.


We are so grateful to have found Avon Place for our mom who needed this type of care. She has been in their care for 2 years now. It was highly recommended by our pastor who visits nursing facilities as part of his ministry. His recommendation held so much weight since he has exposure to many of the facilities in our area. A few things that matter: 1.Communication is GREAT. When I reach out, they respond. 2.Response to needs or concerns is TIMELY. 3.The staff is CARING - so grateful for them. 4.Mom is cared for and protected with a great medical team. My two brothers and I are very grateful for Shye and the entire team of caregivers. If we had to do this again, we would again choose Avon Place.


My family and I recently had to make a very difficult decision to place my mom in a memory care unit. My brother and I had been caring for her for 5 years by ourselves. We knew no one could care for her the way we did and that was incredibly hard to accept. I had toured a few memory care units and left in tears. When I walked into Avon Place, it immediately felt different. It was so bright, cheery and clean. The residents seemed happy and engaged. The staff held my hand through the entire process and has gotten to know my mom and me. They have been so wonderful and supportive. They call and let me know if Mom is having a bad day or send me photos when she is having fun. I feel confident in their care and attention to detail. Anyone who is in a similar situation, I encourage you to check them out!


My mother was a long-time resident. In all those years, you took very good care in making her feel as much at home as possible. I personally want to thank the staff for all that you did for my mom. I came to see her after I got the call that she passed, and your staff made her look comfortable and peaceful. Thank you.


Both my husband and I were very pleased with all the services at Avon Place. All of the nursing staff were right on the money!


My stay was amazing. The staff were so helpful, kind, concerned, and informative. Avon Place is full of things to do if you choose to. The nurses were so accommodating. They would try to answer my questions, most of them had an answer, but if they didn't they would find out. There are so many offices that can help, especially in almost any circumstance. They show care by finding answers to your questions. Therapy is a class of its own. Their staff will again encourage you to do things without pain. I would recommend anyone to this skilled facility.


I love the nurses and aides. They really care and that's what matters. I love to do the crafts, bingo, and games. Everyone is so kind and giving. I am so appreciative of it.


The staff here at Avon Place have been so wonderful. They treat me with kindness and care like I am part of their family. I love them all, they are all amazing.